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copy of Natural Old Stock Turquoise set in Argentium 935 Silver

copy of Natural Old Stock Turquoise set in Argentium 935 Silver


Beautiful blue natural Turquoise collected from western US in the 60's.  Set in the finest Argentium Silver*  Approximately 1 1/4"


    Argentium Silver 935 is made of the finest silver.  It is made with a touch of Germanium and is considered hypoallergenic and valued for it's durability and ability to retain it's bright tarnish free look much longer than regular sterling silver 925.

    Keeping any Silver piece in a small ziplock bag when not wearing for extended periods will help preserve it's bright look.  A silver jewlery cleaning cloth will remove any discoloration.  If you have a stone in your piece please protect it from dropping on hard surfaces or harsh chemicals.  Some stones are harder than others and may discolor if exposed to chemicals.


    I will gladly refund a purchase if returned within 10days of receiving it. It must arrive in the same condition it was sold.  You will be responsible for shipping charges.  If there is a problem or you wish to return the jewlery please contact me first thru email.


    Free shipping within the United States,  I will provide a tracking # thru USPS and depending on value of order insurance may be added.  I do not ship Internationally

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