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The making of a Starfish

I took several pictures of the progress of this starfish necklace. It was the first time I had tried to make one . I was planning on covering the whole surface with tiny granulation balls but later chickened out due to the skill level it would have demanded and I didn’t think I was up for it.

I needed lots of tiny Silver balls to use so after an hour of melting Argentium Silver I sorted the sizes into small containers which just makes it easier to use later. I first thought I wanted a larger Turquoise Stone to be in the center but decided I would either use a small 4mm opal or possibly a larger silver ball. I decided the silver ball suited it best. Soldering the 5 legs together for some reason wasn’t as difficult as I was expecting. Soldering on all the silver balls although was! Whew! The chain was fun and adding the natural freshwater pearls was like icing the cake. It came out beautiful and I am quite proud of this necklace. The owner of it wears it proudly I'm sure.

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