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Starting Day

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I started this adventure about 6 years ago. My Dad had started cutting and cabbing stones as a hobby a few years before I started and I asked him to teach me. He is in Illinois, I’m in Virginia. I went and spent a week visiting and having very quality time with my Dad while I learned what I could in such a short time. He has all kinds of equipment! Dad isn’t the sort of guy who goes out and buys his needs, he makes what he needs. Lapidary saws, cabbing machines, polishing equipment the works. He recycles old clothes dryer motors and even a car window wiper motor to run the necessary equipment. It’s amazing what he can build😍. He of course built me some amazing and awesome equipment to take home so I could continue learning and practicing. Dads are the best!!

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Mar 18

Fascinating, impressive (very), and beautiful, Lori. Thanks for the pictures. Barbara R.

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